10 Item Checklist for a Mobile-Friendly Association Website

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Even though our smartphones have nearly become an extension of our arms, organizations in all industries are still struggling with consistently ensuring their website looks good and performs well on mobile devices.

In 2015, Google realized the trend was moving toward mobile and began tracking the “mobile friendliness” of websites for determining their SEO value. Now mobile performance actually has an impact on where your website shows up in search results. As if that’s not motivation enough to immediately dive into your website’s backend, consider this perspective…

Take your brain out of association professional mode for a moment and into consumer mode. You’re scrolling through Facebook and tap on a link but, despite having the fastest wi-fi that Comcast will offer, it’s just taking forever to load. Or worse – it loads, but the content is incredibly difficult to read. Worst of all, you can’t even find the information you’re looking for, and it’s something completely basic that should be on the homepage! Ugh, how frustrating.

I know you’ve experienced at least one of those three things before. Don’t put members and potential members through it!

But beyond performance and user experience, having a mobile-friendly website shows that your association is paying attention to trends and – most importantly – meeting members and potential members where they are.

According to comScore’s 2017 mobile usage report, Americans are now spending 71% of their Internet surfing time on mobile devices. For Canadians, that number is 62%. Mobile is truly taking over and it’s time to put an optimization process to practice.

Use this checklist to regularly monitor your website’s mobile performance:

  • When you open your website in a mobile browser, does it load within 3 seconds?
  • Are your eyes automatically drawn to the key message you want viewers to see first?
  • Is the most important homepage information still present?
  • Is everything easy to read?
  • Can you easily navigate to your most important pages?
  • Are your calls to action easy to recognize and activate?
  • If it wasn’t your website – would you want to spend time on it?
  • Use free tools like Google’s TestMySite or Mobile-Friendly Test to get actionable analytics and discover areas of improvement.
  • Cross-check these items on multiple browsers as functionality and appearance can differ from browser to browser – and you never know which one your website viewers are using.
  • Try also cross-checking on one Apple device, one Android device and one Windows device to confirm you’re good to go across all mobile operating systems!

For more on website performance, browse through our website management resources in our content library.

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