10 Social Media Tools for Chambers of Commerce

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At WebLink, we’ve long said that Chambers of Commerce were the original social networking platform and involvement in the business social scene is crucial for your organization.  As the pinnacle of your local business community, your Chamber should always look for additional ways to engage your audience and measure your results. This list features super helpful social tools that make the most efficient use of your time communicating and engaging the businesses in your community.

While engaging these businesses is critical, what you really care about if how those efforts affect your new member sales and member retention.   These tools can help you as you set goals for, plan and measure the impact of your Chamber’s social media efforts on your bottom line.

Here are 10 useful social media tools for managing the social media communications for your Chamber of Commerce:

1) Klout

The Klout website is a very cool tool that measures your social landscape.  They provide you with a Klout Score that is aggregates all of your social profiles into an overall activity snapshot.

2) Followerwonk

If you’re just getting started with engaging the local and business community via social media, you’ll get some great insight into Twitter with this tool.  With Followerwonk, you can analyze followership of specific Twitter users. This tool has free and paid versions and was just recently pulled under the SEOMoz Premium tool set.

3) Statigram

Playing off the HUGE popularity of photos in social, this photo search tools allows you locate people username or images by a hashtag.  A really nice feature is an online kit to run your own Photo Contest.

4) Bit.ly

Measuring your return on investment on social can be difficult to say the least.  The bit.ly tool allows you to shorten your promoted links, but the real power comes in the analytics of clicks for each post you publish.

5) Engagio

This is a wicked cool tool that could be a single point of data collection.  You can search by keywords, get alerts and manage all of your networks within one dashboard.  It also has a really nice Google Chrome extension for nicer integration.

6) Social Mention

By their own description, they are like Google Alerts but for social media.  Social Mention has a great search tool, but the real power can be found of the extra data analytics like strength, sentiment, how much time since the last mention, etc.

7) Monitter

This is a very simple real-time twitter search tool with geo-location features allowing you near down your local activity.

8) SocialBro

SocialBro is a powerful Twitter tool that allows you pull all of  your social properties together into one place, review your community, come up with the best time to tweet, as well as manage your twitter lists.

9) SharedCount
SharedCount is a collect of your brand online activity meaning they review the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linked In, Digg, Pinterest, etc.) for mentions, likes, shares.  This will be able to help you assess your overall activity among the top sites.

10) Buffer
Every Chamber is over staffed and over paid (just kidding).  I love that joke, but seriously, you’re running low on time and need twenty more hands and this the best tool in the list.  Buffer is a tool that allows you to ‘stack’ up posted, retweets and posts that will be spaced out and published for a later time.  This is great if you want conquer all of your posting to social media in a quick timeframe.

The new year will allow your Chamber of Commerce a clean start on the social front, but you’ll need the best tools in the bag for making the most of it.  We’ve have future posts that dive into how you can use each of these tools – and many others – to benefit your Chamber of Commerce.

What social media tools is your Chamber of Commerce using?

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