20 Reasons to Buy Association Management Software Today

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  1. 20-reasons-buynowTake the Stress Out of Information Management.Find everything in one place without hopping from program to program.
  2. Save Money on Staff-Hours.Streamlined information means you will spend less time looking through multiple programs for the information you need. A member’s name, history, and information about their specific needs/interests are all in one location.
  3. Save Money on Software.You may be able to save money by eliminating other software vendors and combining all the tools you need into one Association Management Software (AMS) solution.
  4. Event Planning Made Easy.Association Management Software can keep track of past and upcoming events, making planning and event history reporting seamless.
  5. Help is Nearby.Support is not always available when you keep all of your information in your own system. With a good AMS provider, computer issues or program questions are easily answered.
  6. Single Sign-On.Combining all of your software needs into one means a single login to keep track of everything you need.
  7. Emailing Has Never Been Easier.Email one member or a segment to a group of members within your AMS. All communications and history can be linked back to each member.
  8. Easy Website Management.Keep your website fresh and allow for user-updated changes to their information. Events, member data, and content is updated in real time.
  9. You Need Software to Grow.Even if you are managing okay without association management software, you’re going to need software if you want to grow. Without it, you are holding yourself and your organization back.
  10. It’s Affordable.Software is available at every price point. You’ll have a lot of factors to weigh such as budget and features, but it shouldn’t be cost prohibitive.
  11. Cater Better to New Members.Get new members up and running immediately. No need for double entry to add to your member directory, communications list, or record payments.
  12. Keep your boss and your board happy.With easily accessible reports and great information all stored in one location, you can keep your boss and board members up to date.
  13. Learn More About Your Members.With the ability to report on your members, you can learn more about their behaviors, see what members are at risk, and track data trends. Better data means you’re equipped to better serve your members.
  14. With the ease that Association Management Software adds, tasks will be completed more quickly and you’ll have more time to take on more meaningful projects.
  15. With only one source of data, there’s less chance for errors.
  16. Makes You Indispensable to Your Members.Having every piece of data that you need at your fingertips allows you to help your members more effectively. By quickly accessing the information they request and quickly completing tasks they need, you’ll have happier members.
  17. Show Your Members Your Value.Association Management Software lets you keep data linked to your website, allowing you to share how many times you’ve referred business to them online.
  18. More Organized Billing.With all invoicing and customer billing information done online at the touch of a button, billing is no longer a hassle of paperwork and searching through programs to find out who paid what.
  19. SEO Made Easy.Allow your association to add pages of Web content quickly and easily. By knowing what your clients are searching for, you can easily tailor your pages to meet those needs.
  20. Catch up With Technology Now or Later.Either way, it’s going to happen. Make the switch now and save yourself the time and money later.

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