4 Keys (And Lots of Tips!) to Avoid Unhappy Members

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4-keys-smileysKeeping members happy is central to running a successful organization. Happy members mean higher retention rates, more engaged members, and a higher likelihood that your members will talk to others about the value they receive.

What can you do to keep members happy?

  1. Communicate. Keep members informed while providing a constant flow of fresh topics and ideas.

– Create a content calendar to ensure you are providing regular, quality communication.

– Always keep your website up-to-date with the latest information. Make it easy with membership software and website integration.

– Blog about topics your members are passionate about and invite them to comment or give an opinion about those topics.

– Keep your social media feeds updated with the latest information.

– Don’t just self promote; share industry information and articles on social media.

– Respond to questions quickly; phone calls and emails can be time consuming but it’s important you respond to your members’ communications right away.

– Don’t send the same message to all of your members; segment and tailor communications to members’ interests. Your membership management softwareshould make it quick and easy to segment and send personalized messages.

  1. Show Member Value.While it’s important to talk about value, delivering on value is what drives impact.

– Provide opportunities for professional development.

– Host and manage events that facilitate networking and and the building of professional relationships.

– If you don’t have one, consider adding a continuing education or credential program.

– Meet your members where they are and look beyond traditional benefits.

– Provide discounts and coupons to members.

– Obtain testimonials and share with potential members.

– Consider creating a membership value calculator so members can calculate a dollar value for their membership.

  1. Listen.Do more listening than talking and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

– Conduct a survey to learn how your members feel about the resources you provide.

– Don’t just push out messages on social media; follow your members and listen to what they are saying.

– Don’t forget to observe your members at events. Take a break from handling the logistics and become a part of the conversation.

– Be available when your members reach out whether it’s at an event, an email, a web form, or phone call.

– Facilitate a community, whether it’s online or in person. Get people together that share interests and listen to their unique needs.

  1. Be Prepared When Issues Arise.

– Make sure you have the appropriate staff in place to handle challenging conversations.

– While issues and complaints can be frustrating, it’s important to be patient.

– Avoid making assumptions. Often issues are routed in misunderstandings.

– Explain your reasons and thought process.

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