5 Association Website Best Practices

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By Beth Gannett, Membership Management Specialist

At the ASAE Membership Marketing Conference last month, at a session based upon association website design, they took an informal survey.  The question was posed to the room asking when the last time each organization had redesigned their website.  Most of the associations in the room said they hadn’t made a significant design change to their site in five years or more! If it’s time for your association to think about a new website design, here are 5 best practices:

4-assoc-best-pract-webBest Practice # 1 – Make it Easy for Members to Join

Make it easy for members to join your association. By providing them with multiple places to find out information about your association or chamber on your website, you allow people to get the information they want.

Best Practice # 2 – Engage Easily with Members

Interested in getting someone to attend an upcoming annual conference for your association or chamber? Provide quick access on your website home page via a banner ad or prominent navigation. A seamless registration process for your event will show that your organization is first-class.

Best Practice #3 – Select an Easy-to-Update Membership Database Software That is Integrated with Your Website

By selecting a membership software that is user-friendly allows for quick updates. This best practice will help you keep your association website content fresh, and drive potential member prospects as well as members to your site. Select a one-stop software solution that will allow anyone to update the website without having to know HTML.

Best Practice # 4 – Keep it Short

Your association website is not the content collection for your organization’s next novella. People respond to bite-sized information, and the fact that you are reading this post proves it.

Best Practice # 5 – Chunk your Content

It is not always easy to keep it short and sweet. Create buttons that call your members to action. Examples are:  Join Now, More Info, Related Resources, Contact Congress. This allows your members and prospects to jump to the information that they are interested in.

Your website has many purposes for your organization and is often the first place that people go when they need to know about your association or chamber.  Do you really want them to go to an outdated one? Partner with WebLink to create an attractive, search engine optimized association website using an integratedmembership database. Our membership database allows your association or chamber to manage your website with a few clicks of a button.  Contact WebLink today to for a demo or free website analysis.

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