How The Academy Adapted – and Why Your Association Should, Too

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I’m sure by now you’ve seen some of the nominations for the 89th Academy Awards from Tuesday’s announcement…but did you know that the way they were announced this year was completely different from normal? Traditionally, a news conference is held at the legendary Samuel Goldwyn Theater, with members of the press present and ready to get the word out. Usually a few actors and directors are invited to give it some extra hype.

This year, however, The Academy realized that they had the opportunity to not only control the message they were sending with each nomination, but also to reach their audience in a broader and more effective way. Instead of hosting an event open only to the press and relying on their words to break the news, The Academy did it them-damn-selves.

While still operating under the excitement of a *LIVE!* announcement, The Academy chose to host it via live video stream, shared on their websites and social media platforms, and through select broadcasters (including Good Morning America). In doing so the announcements came straight to the general public from The Academy. Entertainment journalists were still able to put their own spin on the story, they just got the information the same time we did. This strategy also gave them the flexibility to splice in some star-studded, pre-recorded footage, giving the announcement even MORE hype than usual. All in all, it was a creative way to solve a problem and increase engagement at the same time.

So, how does this observation apply to your organization?

This is the EIGHTY-NINTH Academy Awards. They’ve been doing this for nearly a century. And how? The saying “The only thing constant, is change” comes to mind – in order to keep on keeping on, we must adapt. Perhaps there are some areas of your organization that could use a some Academy-style sprucing up.

So, what say you? As the world around us changes, are you ready to adapt over the next 5, 10, 20 years? What are you going to do now to prepare for yourself, and for those who will follow? At least there’s one thing I know for sure that won’t change – WebLink will always be here to help along the way!

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