An Email Subject Line Your Association Can Use to Wow Your Members

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subject-stockRecently, WebLink finalized our dates for our 2014 WebLink Summit, our annual marketing, technology and social media conference for member-based organizations.

We narrowed our choices down to two finalists: the JW Marriott Indianapolis and the Downtown Marriott in Indianapolis.

We ultimately chose the JW Marriott for the 2014 WebLink Summit, but a well-crafted email from the Downtown Marriott guaranteed they’ll be in the mix for the 2015 event.

Subject Line: 5 Reasons You Should Not Use the Indy Marriott in 2015 for the WebLink Summit

The body of the email read as:

Good Morning, Curt:

Here are 5 Reasons You Should Not Use the Indy Marriott in 2015 for the WebLink Summit:

  1. We’ll make your conference logistics look so seamless that your boss will think he’s paying you too much.
  2. You’ll spend the weeks following your conference raving so much about the Indy Marriott that your colleagues will think you’re a paid corporate sponsor.
  3. Tension at home may arise when you start comparing our Executive Chef’s delectable cuisine to the nightly dinners your wife prepares.
  4. After you sleep in one of our signature Marriott beds, your bank account will take a hit when you buy one, realizing that there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep in one of them.
  5. We’ll ruin you for any other hotel because you’ll always compare them to the excellent experience you had at the Indy Marriott.

Wow.  First, the unusual subject line got my attention.  At first, I briefly thought the “should not use” part was a mistake. (Clearly, this was part of the plan.)   It worked. I opened it and I read it.

Next, the five reasons were clever and presented the benefits of hosting an event at the Downtown Marriott in a unique way.  I read them all, laughed a bit and I will certainly make sure the Downtown Marriott is considered for our next event.

And, now I’ve shared this email with all of you.  Wouldn’t you like your members to share your emails with their friends and followers?

How could you use this approach when sending email to your members about your events, benefits programs and business issues?

Here’s one example of how you could take this different angle for an event email.

Subject Line: 3 Reasons Not To Attend Business Expo Next Week

  1. You have more business than you can handle.
  2. Your banker called to tell you that your accounts are “too full.”
  3. You’re already at the top, and it’snot that lonely.

Have some fun with it.  See what creative “negative” benefits you can come up with.  Your members will love the fresh perspective and appreciate the humor.

Looking for more ideas for email subject lines?  Check out 11 Email Subject Lines Your Association Can Use To Get Better Open Rates.

What email subject lines have worked best for your association or chamber of commerce?

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