Association Blog Ideas: 50 Out-Of-The Box Posts to Keep You Inspired

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boxUnique, inspiring, and frequent content keeps members engaged, helps your association be found in searches, and helps to position your organization as an expert in your industry or community. As a fairly regular blogger, I have days where I have too many ideas (and just not enough time) and other days where I just get “stuck”.

Next time you’re feeling “stuck”, here are 50 unique ideas to keep you inspired:

  1. Blog about other blogs! Share your comments about a recent blog post you read or share a list of the best blog posts you’ve read over the past week or month.
  2. Share the most frequently asked questions about your association.
  3. Share professional resources that are most helpful to you. This could include books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, community organization, or web resources.
  4. Have staff write about how they got to where they are and what they do on a daily basis.
  5. Share your organizational goals for the year, how you’re going to get there, and what members can do to help.
  6. Write about a risk your organization took, and how it ended up benefiting members.
  7. Share what inspires you within your industry or community.
  8. White how to posts. How to join, how to get the most out of your membership, etc.
  9. Interview a member and write about it.
  10. Interview an industry expert
  11. Share industry reports and surveys, along with your take on the information.
  12. List 50 ways to get more involved in your organization.
  13. List the top 10 questions perspective members should ask before they join.
  14. List 25 benefits to attending an event.
  15. List and give a teaser on 5 books every member should read.
  16. Link to a relevant news article, sharing your opinions.
  17. List industry relevant people to follow on Twitter.
  18. Pose a question designed to inspire debate and ask people to comment.
  19. Write about what you think your industry or community will look like 5 years from now.
  20. Write about where you hope your industry or community will look like 10 years from now.
  21. Talk about a recent conversation you had with a member.
  22. Make a list of your favorite industry related quotes.
  23. Write a case study and share a summary and link in your blog.
  24. Compile a list of online tools that people in your industry would find useful.
  25. Ask someone to write a guest post.
  26. Write about the history of your industry or community.
  27. Share your opinion about a relevant news article.
  28. Write about common misconceptions pertaining to your industry or community.
  29. Email a member, industry leader, etc. a list of questions and post their responses.
  30. Write about a blog you did a year ago or more and if your opinions have changed.
  31. Conduct a survey and write about the results.
  32. Write about if you could change one thing in your industry and what it would be.
  33. Recap a recent event you attended, webinar you watched, or an experience you had related to your industry.
  34. Post photos of your office, of an event, etc.
  35. Ask your readers what they want to read about; ask them to comment.
  36. Write about the best or worst day you had in your current job, and what you learned from it.
  37. Preview an upcoming event, membership drive, membership survey, etc.
  38. Share a recent organizational challenge and ask for input.
  39. Write about a dream you have for your industry or community.
  40. Share how you use social media, and how your members should too.
  41. Create a list of lesser-known membership benefits your members may have forgotten.
  42. Share what you would title an industry related book, if you were to write one.
  43. Write about a holiday and what it means for your industry or community.
  44. Write about a viral video, celebrity disaster, or trend and how it relates to your industry or community.
  45. Organize a contest for your blog readers.
  46. Write a post that defines industry terms that someone new may not know or understand.
  47. Share a list of pros and cons about a hot topic for your members.
  48. Share a beginners guide for people new to your industry or community.
  49. Create a video or post an entertaining photo and ask for comments.
  50. Post a fun poll question and ask people to comment.

Need more ideas? Check out Curt Moss’s blog post titledAlways Be Blogging: 25 Blog Ideas for Associations from Glengarry Glen Ross.

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