Association Management Software: When It’s Time For a Change

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Given the various demands of association executives these days, many associations have not taken the time to fully assess whether their current association management software still fits their needs and meets the goals of their team, their members and the industries they serve.


Three Reasons Your Association Should at Least Explore New Opportunities in Association Management Software

Cost of Missed Opportunity

Most associations agree that membership growth, retention and engagement are the top challenges they face and are at the top of their priority list. It’s a constant battle.

Questions to consider:

  • What is it costing your association in missed opportunities if you are not using an AMS designed to strategically help you to sell more memberships, generate more revenue and ensure that you engage and keep the members that you have?
  • What is the cost of not effectively demonstrating how you provide value and help your members to grow their business?

It may be time to compare your current software to another to see what tools you may be missing to help you achieve your goals.

Cost of Inefficiency

Today, most associations feel like they are understaffed and that resources are tight. Associations are expected to do more with less, but to serve many more members, stakeholders and potential members.

Question to consider:

  • What is the cost of inefficiency, repetitive data entry, time-consuming report creation, inability to easily access data and lack of robust financial management tools and integration – and, how does all of that affect your bottom line?

More time spent repetitively entering data, cobbling together reports, and manually entering data that could be automated is less time spent focusing on strategic initiatives, sales, retention and true engagement. It may be time to compare your current software to see what unnecessary inefficiencies can be eliminated so your team can get back to business.

Cost of Disengagement

Keeping members and prospects engaged with your association and interested in the value that you provide is no easy feat. They are inundated with dozens of marketing messages from a multitude of sources on a daily basis and they can’t keep up, so they will choose to focus on what’s important and interesting to them.

Question to consider:

  • What is the cost of not tracking exactly what prospects and members are interested in, what their preferences are, what benefits they are receiving from your association and what programs they have participated in and invested in?

It may be time to compare your current software to see whether the power of segmentation and targeting is elusive to your association, and resulting in disengaged and at-risk members.

If you’re wondering whether remaining status quo is seriously costing your association, schedule a demo to work with one of our association success strategists to begin an evaluation. There’s nothing to lose, but possibly much to gain!


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