Avoid Association Chaos: Let Innovation and Effectiveness Shine

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As I work with the staff of associations, chambers of commerce and member-based associations to implement their membership management software andwebsites, I see first-hand how an organization’s process can have a direct impact on their results.  Sometimes associations have no processes, partial processes or too much process and their staff have a difficult time driving a project to completion.

I’d like to share with you an article that reminded me that although the day-to-day tasks of a process are important, you must continually reevaluate the overall process to ensure you are promoting effectiveness by having just enough process.

The article seeks to help you avoid the chaos of an unpredictable process and the innovation stifling that occurs with too rigid of a process.  The author of this article states, “Too much or too little structure can be deadly to a project, paralyzing innovation and productivity.  Too much organization cripples innovation.  Too little creates a chaotic environment…  The art is finding the sweet spot.  The sweet spot maximizes effectiveness by applying just the right amount of process.”

Think about your association’s annual banquet, golf outing or member conference.  Does it seem like the process sometimes gets in the way of you hosting a successful event that your members will value?

What about other initiatives where you may need to partner with other local businesses or associations?  When new suggestions come up, do you hear “That’s how it’s always been done?”  Does your process hinder real progress from being made – or at least slow it down?

Click on the link below to learn more about what Andy Crowe, the CEO and Founder of Velociteach, has to say about striving for simplicity (adding just enough process to get maximum effectiveness), understanding thatevery process has a lifespan (learn to identify and get rid of the clutter that inevitably creeps into every process) and applying the principle of kaizen or continuous improvement (don’t allow autopilot to creep into your process and know that what gets measured, gets improved).

The Tao of Project Organization:  3 Lessons (from LiquidPlanner’s Blog)

by Andy Crowe, CEO and Founder of Velociteach


How does you association or member-based organization work to continually improve your process?

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