Being a Chamber Member is Good for Business – Advertising With the Chamber is Even Better

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successRecently, The Schapiro Group, an Atlanta-based strategic consulting firm, released a national survey of 2,000 adults that indicated significant benefits for businesses active in their local Chamber of Commerce. The full results of the survey can be viewed on theACCE website, but I’ll try to be helpful and cover a few of the highlights for small businesses.

When a small business is active in a Chamber of Commerce:

  • Consumers are 49% more likely to think favorably of it
  • 80% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future
  • 73% more aware of the business.
  • The business enjoys a bump in its reputation of 68%.

As this study certainly isn’t secret, I’d like to write a bit about one way a member can be more ‘active’ in their Chamber of Commerce.

First, let me give some credence for what is to come.

WebLink’s Digital Media Business is active in over 80 distinct geographic markets throughout the United States.  A great perk to operating on WebLink’s membership management software is its ability to catch and display traffic data from our Chamber websites. WebLink’s Digital Media team hosts and maintains over 25,000 active ad placements on more than 90 websites. In other words, we’ve got a lot of data on the subject of Chamber advertising.

Here are a couple of data points I consider to be pertinent to the discussion.

  • Banner ads increase customer clicks by an average of 157%.

In some online membership directories, rates of clicks increase 903%.  So, a Chamber membership got the small business listed in the site, but the few extra dollars a day will likely cause the click through results of the listing to increase tremendously.

  • Businesses currently residing in the first position of their category in theWebLink Local member business directory receive 35% of all the clicks in a particular category page on the average.

So, on a Chamber website, if you are 1 restaurant in a category with 50 restaurants, being secured in the first position is a very good place to be.

Obviously this level of Chamber activism isn’t free, but it isn’t priced in the stratosphere either.  At WebLink, we strive to maintain market level pricing. So if a small business can invest their hard earned marketing budget in an online location, what better place than the reputation driving, favorability driving Chamber of Commerce?

So the message is this – You can be active in the Chamber in many ways.  The Shapiro study shows us that businesses who are active with a Chamber organization are viewed in a very good light.  In the sea of trusted Chamber member businesses, those that are active with advertising and sponsorships inside of their Chamber of Commerce are the real big fish – and those who are receiving postive influence on their reputation and their business.

What does your Chamber do to increase member activity and value?

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