Best and Worst Practices for Website SEO

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Ok boys and girls; pull up the boot straps for this one.  I’m going to break down the “List of Best and Worse practices for designing a high traffic website” article found on the website.  Once a week, I’ll add a post that gives you a simplified explanation how you can use this information to improve your own website.

Now the page you’ll land on talks about “15 minute SEO list” and I’m not sure why.  It might take you 15 minutes to read it, but to implement anything here will take more like 15 minutes a day for the next 77 days (currently 77 items as of today).

This list is pretty cool.  It gives you a break down in positive, negative and neutral factors with mostly Google in mind for SEO.  This list is categorized by the following list:

  1. Keywords
  2. Links – Internal, inbound, outbound
  3. Metatags
  4. Content
  5. Visual Extras, SEO
  6. Domains, URLs, Web Mastery

Tomorrow we’ll get started on the first item on the list: Keywords in <title> tag.


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