Build a Winning Team for Your Association

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Whether you’re working to increase new member sales, improve member retention, drive non-dues revenue or deliver valuable benefits to your members, you know you can’t do it alone.

You need a team of staff members for your association that can unite around a common goal and help your organization become a critical partner in your members’ success.

Our friends over at LiquidPlanner created a great infographic on how to build your winning team.   LiquidPlanner is an easy and powerful online project management tool that streamlines processes, lets teams collaborate in real time, saves hours of work, and offers the best time-tracking, analysis, and reporting.

We think they put together some great tips to help you create a team that is empowered to deliver great service to your members and grow your association.  Plus, being based in Indiana, we can’t help but love the reference to basketball.

We hope you find this infographic useful too.


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How has your association worked to assemble a winning team?  What challenges have you faced?

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