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Many chambers of commerce, business associations and other member-based organizations are beginning to realize the benefits that a good blogging strategy can create.  Reading other blogs, too and posting comments to them can be a great way to introduce your blog to new readers and increase traffic on your blog. This is called “Blog Seeding.”

Find blogs that deal with local business issues, tourism, government affairs or some other aspect of your community.  Check out your local newspaper and business publication sites, too, as they frequently allow comments on articles. You can use Google’s Blog Search to find blogs talking about your interests.  Follow these blogs for a while to understand the general positions of the authors.

When you find a post or article that’s relevant to your organization, add a meaningful comment.  Don’t just say “great post” or “you’re all wrong about that.”  And, don’t just post a link back to your blog.  First, show the author that you “hear them” and then briefly explain why you agree or disagree.  If you have a blog post or content on your site about a similar topic, include a link so that the author (and other blog readers) can learn more about your ideas. The more complete your comment is, the more attention you’ll receive.

Blogging is just one part of social media – and social media is supposed be….well…social.   Engage your audience in other areas they are likely to be by blog seeding.  Use this technique to build on your position as an expert in your community and raise awareness of the issues your organization is supporting (or opposing).   You’ll end up being part of many more conversations and gain more attention for your organization.

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