Client Spotlight: 12 Reasons Property Management Associations of West Michigan Chose WebLink

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By Tao Stadler, Senior Membership Management Executive

At WebLink, there’s really nothing better than a client sharing their success story with us. As a former association professional staff member myself, I love hearing how something we’ve done—whether it’s our software or our team—has helped a client improve their association.

With more than 600 associations and chambers of commerce using our membership management system and integrated websites, we get this type of input quite frequently but some stand out more than others.  The email we received below was just too good not to share on our blog. Nori Goodhue is Membership Director for Property Management Association of West Michigan and first approached WebLink after growing tired of managing their association with a series of disconnected and outdated tools.

As she’s gone through implementation and training, our staff has consistently raved about Nori’s preparedness and enthusiasm. It was wonderful to see she had nice things to say about us, as well, but what really struck me was how well she connected the dots between functions in our software solution and the real benefits her association – and its members – can truly gain.

That’s the whole reason we make the system we do. We strive to deliver intuitive, innovative and insightful software that helps our customers become a critical partner in their members’ success.  See her comments below.

We chose WebLink because:

  1. clientThe software is extremely powerful and easy to use.
  2. WebLink listens to their client’s wants and needs and implements based upon the wants and needs of the client.
  3. The software provides valuable benefits to our members – as a result, an increase in membership retention will be experienced.
  4. Additionally, there are multiple time-saving features integrated in the WebLink system, thus affording association staff to spend time on other tasks, such as membership growth.
  5. The WebLink system provides the capability to track, measure and analyze strengths and weaknesses within the organization.
  6. A time-saving feature is integrated that will allow a local affiliate’s database to “speak” to the national database, thus saving time when submitting rosters.
  7. Internal communications provide a means for all staff members to be informed related to correspondence with members and/or prospects.
  8. Each profile selects the best way to communicate with your association, thus reaching across the barrier of generational marketing.
  9. Social media integration, mass communications to members and prospects, connections among members are valuable assets for members to stay engaged in the organization. WebLink affords this ability.
  10. The software provides countless benefits to our members. We can now manage our website, finances, events, communications, communications to the national association, and more from one system.  Implementation has been a breeze and we truly feel we have a partner that is invested in our organization’s success!
  11. WebLink holds an annual summit to connect with their users and to listen to their customers! A brainstorming session related to features, upgrades and wants from their customers are tallied and implemented – they listen to and act upon what the needs of their customers are.
  12. WebLink also provides multiple resources to connect with their staff, programmers, trainers and other users in WebLink Community. Additionally a source for training additional staff members and getting acquainted with the system are available in WebLink University.

If you’re interested in hearing about more WebLink success stories, please contact us to learn more.

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