eBook: 10 Key Sales Tips to Grow and Retain Your Members

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Association executives, membership managers and salespeople are continually faced with the need to generate new members while retaining their current member base. Often, they complete their jobs despite lacking the time and resources or while performing numerous other duties.

Sales training is one resource that has been historically lacking in member-based organizations as many new sales people in associations start without a sales background.  Or, if they do have sales experience, it’s not in a service business and they can have trouble adapting to different selling techniques.

These factors shouldn’t preclude them from achieving success, though. Selling is a skill set with procedures and strategies that can be learned and practiced to help bring a consistent flow of revenue to your organization.

Our brand new eBook provides tips to overcome the common challenges of prospecting for new business, closing sales and retaining members. Each tip is broken down into the problem posed, the facts, and the strategy to use for an improved sales experience.

In this eBook, you will learn how to:

  • Turn cold calls into warm leads
  • Build flexibility into your sales packages
  • Clearly communicate next steps
  • Create project plans for renewals
  • Include the whole organization in your prospecting efforts
  • Use yourassociation management software to improve your results

Click here to download the eBook.

We recently presented this topic as a webinar and the attendees loved all the tips and information about how they can improve their process when selling memberships and sponsorships.  With so many associations needing to do more with less and asking staff members to perform multiple roles, this eBook can help your team focus on creating a better sales process for your organization.

Don’t miss this opportunity to drive more new revenue for your association in 2014.


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