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What is the one thing your Chamber of Commerce website can’t do? Lose a prospective member of course!

If your website is the 24/7/365 salesperson it’s supposed to be, you need to make sure there is no chance a prospect is going to walk away because they can’t find your join button. This button will lead your site visitor to your defined target page to be a member. The resulting page can also serve as a sales pitch to why they should become a member and what the ROI is for membership.  Here is an example of a well placed and functional version of a join button in action on the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce website:

Kelowna Chamber of Commerce website with effective join button.


You need to make it big, make it clear, make it always present. That’s the primary rule of successful “call to action” join button.

A large join button will make it simple for your prospective members to see.  It could also be beneficial for the join button to vary from your original Chamber brand website look and feel.

You’ll want the join button to clearly state a purpose.  After all, you want them to JOIN your organization.  The button could also give the user a timeframe for when you want them to act – today!


To make sure your website has this vital feature, we’re giving you the following options for a free Chamber of Commerce website join button. We are also providing the necessary code for you to drop it into your website or to give to your webmaster for implementation.


Ribbon Join Button

The ribbon join button will work well for more classic looking websites. The dark color scheme would also stand out well on very bright and vibrant colored Chamber websites. Click on the download button for the necessary code to implement onto your website.DOWNLOAD


Ticket Join Button

If your Chamber of Commerce is the primary source of events for the community, the ticket join button will be a nice addition to that theme. The green color scheme will invite the user to ‘go’ to the button and sign up immediately! Click on the download button for the necessary code to implement onto your website.DOWNLOAD


Round Join Button

For Chambers websites that are designed with simple and clean graphics, this rounded join button will fit in nicely. The blue button will stand out well against sites with white, orange or yellow backgrounds. Click on the download button for the necessary code to implement onto your website. DOWNLOAD

If you by chance don’t see what you need here or would like to see more color options, please feel free to drop us a line in the comments below or fill out our website analysis form and we can talk about a custom setup for you. Also, please be sure to share this with your friends and Chamber colleagues. Happy Joining!

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