Reaching People Who Want to Join Your Association, but Don’t Have the Funds

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Many individuals want to take advantage of the opportunities that an association membership has to offer, but do not have a lot of disposable income. This is still a valuable group of prospects, though, as they are passionate and would like to get involved. Try these tips to reach people who are interested in joining but may not have the necessary funds just yet:

Talk volunteering

When people don’t have money to spend, they may have other important assets like time and skills. Think about what your organization could need help with and then send out an email to prospective members asking for assistance. This way people who care about your organization can find a way to get involved – and even get a test-run of what it’s like to be a part of your association.

Offer a payment plan 

Does your association require full payment upon joining? Maybe it’s time to revisit that policy. Membership dues broken down into $10-$15 monthly payments are often much more digestible than one lump sum. Offering a plan not only gives potential members more flexibility, but it also creates the opportunity to provide a discount incentive for those who DO choose to make the full payment. Whatever you do, make sure each of your members knows you appreciate them, no matter their payment option choice.

Stay in touch 

The key to reaching potential members with limited finances is to make sure they remember you. With the proper branding and communication, they will recall your association in a time when they have some extra money and end up joining as a result. Consider sending weekly or monthly emails talking about important news and events that pertain to your industry. If you’re using an online payment and renewal process, reminders about joining at the end of each email is a breeze, as they can easily submit a dues payment when they are able to.

And since we’re talking online payments…

When you ask that people mail in checks to join, it requires some extra work on the behalf of the potential member. You’re asking a person to read your e-newsletter and then find their checkbook, write out an amount, add your address and a stamp to an envelope and then send it in. When you see it written out like that, it’s kind of a lot. Instead, make it easier for people to submit their first dues payment with less thought. People with little funds to share may think, “Oh, I have to write a check? I should wait to join until I can really afford it.” Then, they may forget.

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