How to Use Infographics to Engage Your Members

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Great content is critical for member engagement. But great content doesn’t have to mean pages and pages of text. In fact, content that is easy to read, understand, and absorb is even better. And let’s be honest – your members probably don’t have the time or desire to read paragraphs of content.

That’s why infographics can be a great way to better engage with your members. What is an infographic? In short, it’s the use of a visual to explain a complex idea or data. recently put together a list of the 70 best infographics on the web. Below are a few examples of my favorites.Click and then zoom in to view all the data.





So, why should you use infographics?

Better Understanding – By keeping data-filled ideas and explanations to a minimum, utilizing Infographics will help your members understand your messages more easily.

Share and Share Alike – Infographics encourage others to link to your site. Why explain it their way if yours is better and they can share it with their network? While you don’t want to fill every post or page with an infographic, spruce up your blog or website with a few data-filled images and you’ll see engagement from both members and nonmembers increase.

People Like Images –Over 2/3 of the population’s learning happens visually. Therefore, by showing your members some great graphics and exciting colors, they will learn and retain much more from you than a 600 word post could deliver. A picture is worth 1,000 words? Most definitely!

Excitement = Engagement – By delivering a unique and visually stimulating infographic to your members, they will instantly be excited to see what the fuss is all about. Once they see it and like it, they will be far more likely to engage in commenting and sharing.

A Great Way to Display Data – Your membership management software has all kinds of useful data, but how can you get this great data to your members? Infographics are an easy, interesting way to get these numbers out there without losing your audience in the first two sentences. Breakdown the industries you serve by displaying pictures of all the areas involved. Find ways to make the data interesting and useful to your members to get them even more involved.

Teach Your Members Without Their Realization –Members will be so interested in what you are saying with your infographic, that you can easily inform them of valuable content that they might otherwise pass up! Increase your readership, membership, and member participation numbers by utilizing this new and innovative approach.

What makes a good infographic?

Data – Use interesting facts that your members aren’t aware of to create a high level of interest. The data should tell a story.

Design – As I’ll discuss later in this post, infographics don’t need to be expensive to create but the design needs to be done well.

Ability to be shared  It needs to be easy to share and something your members want to share.

Can you afford to create infographics?

Yes – there are many resources to find free or low-cost sources of infographic technology. Turn to sources like or for your infographic needs. They can provide you exactly what you’re looking for in a professional and efficient manner.

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