How Your Association Management Software Can Help You Target Millennials

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peopleMillenials (also known as Generation Y)  are individuals born between 1979 and 2001. And according to Forbes,Millenials will make up 36% of the workforce by 2014 and 46% by 2020. With that in mind, Millennials are extremely important to your organization as it exists today, and are key to your future success.

How can your association management software help you target millennials?

Customize your communications. Your association management software should allow you to segment data and send targeted communications. Think about your communication style and your messaging to ensure you are talking their language and delivering content that is relevant to this group.

Put everything online.  This generation grew up with everything available instantly and online. They won’t join your organization or sign up for an event if it’s not easy to do online. Association management software that integrates your online membership application forms and event signups with your database will allow you to cater to this group seamlessly.

Make them feel important. Recognize these younger members for their accomplishments. Use yourassociation management software to keep track of how many events they attend, how much they are volunteering their services, and how many continuing education credits they have accumulated. Think of ways to broadcast achievements on social media, at events, or even personally by a staff or board member. Remember, this is the generation of participation trophies so even a small pat on the back can go a long way. Don’t forget to welcome these new members utilizing social media so you can connect with them from the get-go.

Help them achieve. This is a group with giant dreams that has no issue moving from job to job in order to get where they want to go. Provide them with the education and professional development they need to get ahead and you’ll have a very happy millennial member. Your association management software should allow you to easily add educational content to your website, segment and email content that is most useful to them, and provide online communities for sharing information.

Provide opportunities to get involved. USA Todayreports that millennials volunteer more than any other generation. They like being involved and their childhood was busy with sports, dance, tutoring, etc. so they are used to a full schedule. Use committee features within your association management software to record involvement and communicate with each segment of volunteers.

Be socially responsible. Millennials appreciate organizations who like to “do good”. Depending on your industry and community, think of unique ways to give back, ask for their help, and communicate your efforts. “Going green” by moving more of your processes online is also easy to do with association management software. While a printed reminder that it’s time to renew membership might work with older generations, this generation may frown on paper waste.

Include social media in your profile records. Be sure your association management software allows you to record things like their LinkedIn page URL and Twitter handle and use this information to follow and engage with these members.

Give them big connections. According to Marketing Charts, millennials ages 18-24 average 510 friends on Facebook. They live in a world where it’s more about quantity than quality. So, provide an online community that’s integrated with your association management software and provide them access to your membership directory so that they have access to connect with all of your members.

Create a referral program. Millenials like to have a big network with lots of connections, so target them for referrals. If you provide them value, they’ll love to tell their friends about your organization. Just don’t forget to track referrals in your association management software and reward/thank them for their efforts.

Interested in more information about how your association management software can help you target millennial members? Contact WebLink for a demo.

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