Leading Chambers of Commerce Recognizing Value of Social Media

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Over the past few years, I’ve had the honor of delivering marketing, technology and social media presentations to chamber of commerce executives at state, regional and national chamber of commerce conferences.

During those presentations, I’ve often said that chambers of commerce were the original social networking platform and for chambers to continue to provide value to their members they needed to embrace social media as an additional communications tool.

Since the rise of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, traditional face to face networking opportunities have sometimes taken a back seat to online networking.  Initially, chambers of commerce and membership organizations were threatened by these networks.  Two individuals no longer needed the chamber of commerce to help them connect.  They could connect online without leaving their office, reducing the need for a chamber to provide networking events.

Progressive organizations saw the opportunity that social media gave them – the ability to connect their members to even more potential customers than ever before.   Now, many chambers are leading businesses in their community and setting examples on how to use social media effectively.

In fact, OnlineMBApage.com recently released their list of the Top 100 Most Social Media Friendly Chambers of Commerce.

And, it turns out that 42 of the 100 Chambers of Commerce recognized on the list are WebLink clients. WOW!

Having worked at a chamber of commerce for 8 years and now having worked with chambers of commerce for 7 more years, I’m proud to call many of the staff at these organizations my friends.  And, as an employee of WebLink, I’m proud that my company partners with so many leading chambers of commerce.   I’d love to list them all here, but there are simply too many. 🙂

Well done, my friends.  Keep up the good work!

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