Leverage the Digital Age and Enhance your Associations Mobile Productivity

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The digital age in which we live is increasingly driven by mobile and convenience factors. As such, it is no surprise that there are a number of mobile applications that you and your associations staff can use to increase productivity and ensure that you are proactively making use of limited time and resources.

Recently, WebLink International President, Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, DJ Muller, wrote an article for  Home Business Magazine that specifically addressed six different mobile apps that every organization can use to effectively increase their productivity.

Muller highlighted apps including Evernote, Mention,LinkedIn Pulse, HipChat, Quip and Any.do, emphasizing the key benefits of each.  For example, when commenting on Mention, a popular mobile app that helps organizations manage their social media accounts, Muller states:

Increasing mobile traffic growth coupled with the popularity and vast communication capabilities of social media indicate the importance of the creation, development, execution and maintenance of a strong a social media strategy. However, consistently managing multiple social accounts can be a challenge.  

Mention is a mobile app designed to specifically help you manage your organization’s online and social media presence by allowing you to monitor your social accounts in real time. From replying to or retweeting a tweet, to responding to and liking a Facebook post, Mention provides you with capabilities you need to easily, and efficiently, react your social connections and followers. Beyond this, Mention ensures that you are aware of sources using your keywords, allows you to organize and create tasks for members of your team and offers the customized reports to measure your social impact and analyze the success of your actions across multiple social platforms.”

Read the full article here.

Easy to use, mobile and accessible at any time and any place –  these mobile apps will help you efficiently connect with your internal team as well as your members.

What are you waiting for? Start downloading your team’s productivity solutions today.


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