Leveraging Website Analytics

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Your website is a membership sales person whether you know it or not and it’s probably the best ‘employee’ you have.  Never calls in sick, never asks for a raise and lets you know everything that is going on.

The first two are simple to understand, but the third point can be confusing.  How does your website tell you anything?  By leveraging the web analytics, or web stats, from your website you can tell a LOT about what is going with your organization and what your users are looking for.

By using a website analytics tool, like Google Analytics, you can tell what is going on with your website and who to target.  By tracking your website page views, users, time on the website and keywords (to only name a few) you can learn the answers to the following questions:

  • Page Views – This will allow you to see the total number of pages are being viewed on your website.  This helps you get a sense of size and scope of your website.
  • Users – The total number of people on your website allows you to see the reach of your marketing and communications.
  • Time on Site – This number tracks the amount of time a user is on the website during a single session.  This data can be helpful to see if the content you’re delivering is what they want to know.
  • Keywords – This tracks the type of words that people are finding your site by.  This information is helpful because it will give you a different perspective of what website information you should or could have content around.

The value in this process for you can be found in new member sales from prospects browsing your website, members retention and non-dues revenue from website sponsorship opportunities.

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