Membership Management Software: Why are we Here?

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By Chad Bouslog, Membership Management Specialist

About 45 days ago, I was just like a lot of you reading this blog today. In fact, today, I’m probably similar to a lot of you as well, being human and all. But 45 days ago, I was introduced to WebLink International.  I wasn’t actively seeking new employment opportunities, so I probably wouldn’t have considered myself as a “hot lead” for the sales world.

Just the same, not every association or Chamber of Commerce that comes into contact with WebLink is always in that buying stage for membership management software. Typically when associations look to make changes to their software, it is when they’ve hit the breaking point with what they’re currently using. A lot of times, it has not only reached the breaking point, but it’s been at that point for a lengthy time.

But, a majority of associations seem to be in that stage of “just getting by”. These scenarios might sound familiar to you:

  • We’re not hitting every goal, but we’re close.
  • Our staff is comfortable logging into the same membership management software system every day. What would happen to our membership data?
  • I can’t imagine learning a new membership management software.
  • Our budget doesn’t call for new membership management software.
  • We’re just a small association.

Unless it’s rush hour, people are comfortable staying in their own lane.  It is frightening to make a change and once you do, there can be a drop-off from that initial excitement once implementation kicks in.

So much energy and time goes into making a switch to a new membership management software partner (some of it just head clutter) that reality can set in that there are still organizational goals left to reach! Currently on my 9th day on the job, I consider myself in that software “implementation” phase. No matter if you switch jobs, buy a home, purchase software, or are looking for a new lunch spot, it is paramount to keep your eyes on the end goal and stay within your process.

Remind yourself:  Why are we here?  I chose WebLink International to join forces with a company that is on the rise with innovative solutions. It is a product and environment that is always evolving and a product that gives me the opportunity to go home at night and feel good about the associations and people that we are fortunate to help. It is inspiring the amount of years that people here have done the same type of work that you’re doing now at your desk. As I went through the interview process, I was inspired by the sharp minds that were in this building.  It has been confirmed during this “implementation” phase as I’ve sat in on phone calls and demos, in meetings, or even when our CEO had an impromptu brainstorming session with some of our sales reps and marketing team about the future of mobile.

Starting anything new will provide moments of angst and anxiousness. It’s normal!  If we keep reminding ourselves why we’re here and where we’re headed, that nervous energy/stay in your lane mentality will shift towards impacting positive change. You might even decide write a blog post for your organization’s website!

Our software isn’t for everyone.  Our company is staying focused on the goals, though, and I’m just glad I gave WebLink International a shot.

Will you give us a shot? Sign up for a demo here.


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