My First WebLink Summit

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What do Velveeta, the movie ‘Clueless’ and a margarita maker all have in common? They all made an appearance at the WebLink Summit last week.

This year was my first Summit and while I may be a little biased because I helped plan the event, I thought it was truly amazing. There was such a great mix of fun, membership database training, innovation, and best practices.


It may sound a little cheesey but my favorite part of the Summit was meeting clients. Previously, I had the opportunity to talk to many of our clients over the phone but the Summit was the first time I was able to meet any of them in person. Also, I had the opportuny to interview 15 clients on video, talking about how they use WebLink. Not only are the interviews going to be great in our future marketing efforts (we have some very happy clients!), but each person I interviewed was professional and so enjoyable to talk with.


Another thing I was so proud of, as part of the WebLink family, was the variety of speakers and sessions. Staff, clients, and industry experts spoke on topics including volunteer recruiting, event planning, member engagement, member retention, non-dues revenue, the growth of mobile, member database best practices, website analytics, social media, member intelligence, data reporting, and more. I left the Summit feeling like we aren’t just a technology provider, but a partner who supports our clients in growing and improving their organizations.


The personality of the WebLink Summit is also something you have to experience to understand. At the start, we had each attendee pick from fun badges like Computer Geek, Diva, and I Could Be President. (I personally chose Trouble Maker, Worship Me, and Worker Bee.) We handed out awards like ‘Even WebLink is Bigger in Texas’ and “Organization You Don’t Want to Meet in a Dark Alley’. And we ended the event with flying screaming monkeys. (Yep, seriously.)

Were you able to make it to Summit this year? We’d love to hear what you enjoyed most! If you didn’t attend this year’s Summit, stay tuned for 2013 details coming soon!


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