WebLink’s Campaign-Integrated T-Shirt Design Received 643 Votes

INDIANAPOLIS (Mar. 23, 2017) – WebLink is proud to announce that it has won “Best Tech T-Shirt/Swag” in the first-ever TechPoint People’s Choice Mira Awards. Twenty-two tech companies and organizations submitted applications in People’s Choice categories, which TechPoint says were created “to recognize aspects of our tech community that are important to company cultures.”

The “Fight of the Century” t-shirt was a part of an integrated campaign promoting WebLink’s involvement in a special panel at the 2016 American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) Convention. This session featured WebLink CEO DJ Muller and the CEO of a top competitor answering industry questions, and explaining how each company’s software solution helps manage top industry needs.

Given the unique opportunity to showcase that WebLink Connect™ is the superior software, WebLink marketed its presence at the panel by giving out the t-shirts as a free customer appreciation gift. Hundreds of t-shirts were distributed from the WebLink booth once convention doors opened, and the majority of the session’s attendees were WebLink fanatics. Staff at the Indianapolis headquarters wore the shirts to show support the day of the panel, and it is often worn around the office to this day.

“At WebLink, we really love our swag,” said Brand Manager Alex Davis. “Having the chance to incorporate that love into a unique experience for our clients was so fun, and winning a People’s Choice Mira Award for our campaign makes it even better! We are excited to have this opportunity to represent WebLink in the Indianapolis tech community – thank you to TechPoint for the recognition and to everyone who voted for us!”

WebLink is excited to return to the American Chamber of Commerce Executives Convention in July.

Congratulations to fellow TechPoint People’s Choice Mira Awards recipients, Clear Object for Best Tech Event and Upper Hand for Best Tech Space! Click here to read more about all three winning submissions.

About WebLink

In 2016, WebLink is celebrated its 20th anniversary of providing cutting edge technology to membership based organizations. In the beginning, WebLink created the industry’s first interactive online membership directory. In addition to directories, initial offerings included real-time event calendars and website services to help member-based organizations create and build their brands with an impressive online presence. Today, WebLink offers much more – a complete, all-in-one AMS solution. We continue to lead the industry with innovative solutions that help associations acquire, engage and retain more members.

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