Online Membership Directory Best Practices: What Makes WebLink Local so Effective?

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Is your chamber of commerce or business association website doing all it can to promote your members? Could you be improving member retention, generating more leads for members, producing more revenue, or even increasing event attendance with a more powerful website and online membership directory?

The single biggest reason businesses join your organization is to gain more business.  Through networking, professional learning opportunities and the exposure gained through your website, your members want to improve their business and make more money.  In fact, we often hear that the exposure members receive from our clients’ websites alone justifies their dues renewals to the association each year. So, what can you do to get the most out of your website?

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to ensure your members can be found – both from your website’s navigation AND via Google or other search engines – by potential customers.   If you hide your online membership directory under obscure menus, very few visitors to your site will be able to find your members.   And, if your business directory is not search engine optimized, your chances or driving traffic to your website (and to your members) is greatly reduced.

WebLink Local is an online membership directory technology developed by WebLink International that is driving quantifiable results for business associations and chambers of commerce, all without adding additional work for staff. It is so effective that WebLink Local users average a 67% increase in unique website visits over the previous year.  All that additional site traffic adds up to more potential business for your members, improved retention and increased new member sales. If you aren’t using WebLink Local, I’d encourage you to watch our free webinar to learn more. 

 So, what makes the WebLink Local online member business directory so effective?

  1. More Website Pages.Each member has their own page at  For each category your members are listed in, WebLink Local creates an additional page listing, adding visibility and exposure for members.
  2. Search Engine Optimization.With friendly URLs, page titles, and relevant business categories, search engines can easily recognize the type of content available on each online membership directory page. In turn, search engines like Google rank page listings higher for targeted keyword searches.
  3. Relevant content is critical to increasing website traffic and improving member visibility. With the WebLink Local online membership directory, members are able to add a wide variety of content including contact information, location maps, coupons, business descriptions, logos, photos, videos, and more.
  4. Easy to Manage.With more features than ever before, users can turn settings on and off, offer up to 5 different member levels, change the look of the directory, and easily manage member content.  These features give your association or chamber of commerce the flexibility to generate additional revenue and offer your members the exposure opportunities they want.

Interested in driving more website traffic, providing more member benefits, and increasing non-dues revenue for your organization? View the WebLink Local on demand video or email us for more information.

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