Financial Management

Member Management - FinancialsWebLink Connect is a complete member management software tool, including a cash receipts and receivables management system that allows you to manage all your billings for dues, events, advertising or any other income account in one central location. WebLink Connect handles even the most complex financial reporting for accounts receivable, cash flow analysis, revenue projections, deferred revenue reporting and more. The system accommodates both cash and accrual basis accounting and integrates with most general ledger systems.

Send invoices and payment reminders through email, allowing your members to pay securely for outstanding invoices online and even print PDF copies of the invoices for their records, making member management a breeze..

User role security ensures only appropriate staff has access to financial areas and protects your members' sensitive data. The robust revenue and member management component witin our association management software includes the ability to increase and decrease dues in batch by percentage or formula calculation and even do "mass write offs" of unpaid invoices.

For additional information, please contact WebLink to see a demo or learn more about the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features of WebLink Connect.