Social Media

Social media is growing exponentially and associations like yours are scrambling to keep up. Members and businesses in your community or your industry are already taking many of their conversations online. They are probably talking about you, too. Do you even know who is mentioning your association on blogs, Twitter or social networks? You need to be involved in and take the lead in these conversations to connect with your community and create additional value for your members.

WebLink offers social media products that help member-based organizations create relevant content for your members and provide online networking opportunities in addition to the traditional face-to-face networking events you offer.

Social Network

The WebLink Social Network provides you with a full-featured private social network for your members. (Think LinkedIn or Facebook, but just for your members)


WebLink’s Blog Platform gives you a robust, easy to use blogging platform to create content quickly and deliver relevant information to your members and community.

Proactive associations are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, blogs and private social networks as way to engage their members and businesses in their community or industry and advance their position as business leaders. Your members want to you to join them in social media – some even expect it.

Now is the time to get in the game and ensure your organization does not get left behind! Contact us today to learn more.