Technical Specifications

  • Each computer utilizing the WebLink Connect system should be running Windows XP, 2000 or NT operating systems with the latest service packs and critical updates. As with any software, the faster the machine, the better performance you'll see.
  • Each computer will need to have Internet access. WebLink Connect will work over a dial-up account, however, for normal use we recommend a broadband connection of 1.5 mbps or greater
  • The latest available and free Microsoft IE browser is best for browser access.
  • Unlike non-internet-based membership management software, you will not need to host your website internally, saving you the challenges of maintaining servers, firewall, security, etc. We also back up your data each night so you don't have to.
  • WebLink Connect uses certain IP ports to communicate with our hosted servers. If you use a firewall or proxy server to connect to the Internet, you must configure them so that the ports used by WebLink Connect are not blocked. Specific documentation is provided during the conversion process.

Read more for additional benefits of WebLink Connect or see WebLink for yourself - request a demo.