WebLink Association Social Networking

Social Networking. Your association has been providing this for years – events, meetings and workshops for your members to network, exchange ideas and conduct business. But now the networking game has changed. You need to combine online social networking with traditional networking to maximize your reach – and your results.

Business owners, executives and managers want to make personal connections and engage in conversations about the topics of interest to them. They want to do it when it’s convenient for them and they want to control how they receive the content. Business associations and chambers of commerce traditionally have not had the resources to provide such a robust online networking opportunity for their members – until now.

WebLink can help you setup and start your own private social network in your community that has your trusted brand and endorsement. Market your own network to the community so you can become engaged with members and non-members.

By setting up your own social network that is open to the public you can use it recruitment new members and promote “exclusive” members only benefits and promote events and post your own web advertisements (and reap the rewards). Or course, you can restrict your network to just members if you prefer.

Features include:
  • Branded online social network to replicate the design of your website
  • Members can "friend" each other in the network and share information
  • Discussion forum for you and your members to create and reply to conversations
  • Groups for members to follow and discuss the topics that interest them
  • Photo and video uploading
  • Invite new members to join network
  • Setting for you to determine who gains access to network
  • Integration of your organizational and community calendars
  • RSS feeds of content updates

Contact WebLink to create an online social network for your members to take the lead in online social networking for your community!