It's not what a company says about itself that matters most, but rather it is what their clients say that should matter the most to you as you evaluate a solution for your business association. Clients just like you have achieved great success after partnering with WebLink. Read below to see how WebLink has helped them achieve their goals.

  • We are, like most Chambers, a small not-for-profit without the resources to have a full IT team on board, nor the resources to have somebody always looking ahead for us, for ways for us to improve our service delivery. And our relationship with WebLink allows us to do both of those things.
    Nancy Gardella, Executive Director
    Martha’s Vineyard Chamber of Commerce
  • We chose WebLink because it really is an all-in-one package that meets our needs and provides opportunities to better engage our members.

    Before WebLink, our member data was all over the place, and more than half my time was spent updating member information in several places, or doing double-duty with our off-site accountant. WebLink puts everything in one system so we can communicate with our members more effectively and efficiently.
    Katie Boren, Administrative Assistant
    Indiana Mineral Aggregates Association
  • I received a call from a member who said they weren't sure whether they would renew because their marketing person couldn't track any referrals from us. I pulled up his referral report and read to him the large number of website ad exposures, the high number of click-throughs on the ad, and the high number of times that their company was displayed in our searchable database on the website, which connects to the database.

    He was blown away!!! I emailed him a pdf copy of the referral report and he said he would go down the hall to push for renewal with the marketing guy - all within 5 minutes! That's the power of using this sophisticated technology right at your fingertips. It helps you stay on top of your data & use it to your advantage! That's the power of good information!
    Peter Rocket, VP, Finance & Administration
    Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce
  • I have found the most valuable feature to be the reporting tools.  With WebLink, I can access information about our membership that I wasn't able to before.  And, sending out the referral reports with our invoices helps members see what we are doing for them and gets them to pay the bill.
    Susan Fayette, Director of Member Development and Benefits
    Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • WebLink takes a lot of the busy work out of everyday activities. It’s so simple to use and really is intuitive in what your next step would be as you’re working through your day. We use WebLink from morning till night. We never turn it off because it’s always a part of what we’re doing every day.
    Patty Aspin, Vice President of Operations
    Midland Area Chamber of Commerce
  • I love the interactivity of our database and website.  Entering something into our database and having an instant change on our website is invaluable!
    Ryan Evans, Director of Member Services
    Salt Lake Chamber
  • WebLink has helped us reach goals we had only imagined at our chamber! We are better organized and have more information than ever available to us about our membership.
    Janine Springer, Chief Financial Officer
    Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce
  • I love that you can manage the website, the finance side of things, and all the events; everything that our organization needs to run is run through WebLink.
    Tammy Meyers, Manager of Finance
    Kelowna Chamber of Commerce
  • WebLink's products are surprisingly affordable considering their capabilities so even a small Chamber such as ours can afford it. Our website is as polished and professional as larger Chambers and the integration of our database and website frees up staff time for other Chamber duties.
    April Clement
    Coronado Chamber of Commerce
  • I love the fact that WebLinkCONNECT is so versatile and it's a complete package. I don't have to have 4 different software packages to get the job done. Just WebLink!
    Jennifer McKenzie
    Brownsburg Chamber of Commerce
  • We have calculated over 80 hrs a month in saved staff time by moving to WebLink Connect.
    Robert Blankenship, Chief Operating Officer
    Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • WebLink Connect & QuickBooks integration has been a time saver...thank you! I bet I've cut 85% off my financial report time each month!
    Sara Barzantny, Business Operations
    Kankakee Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • WebLink Connect is a great tool for any business, especially when it comes to organizing and tracking such a wealth of information.
    Holly Schmidt, Director - Communications/Special Events
    Hutchinson/Reno County of Chamber of Commerce
  • The integration between WebLink's membership management software and web components has helped us save staff time and greatly improved the quality of our web site. The WebLink customer support team has been very responsive.
    William Burns, Director of Communications
    Maryland Chamber of Commerce

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WebLink began in 1996 when our President and Founder DJ Muller realized that chambers of commerce and business associations were not taking advantage of the tremendous opportunity that the internet and websites gave them. WebLink's initial services included interactive business directories, real-time event calendars and website design and hosting services to help these organizations establish and build their brand on the web. Learn More.

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