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If you’re like most business associations and chambers of commerce, you’re using a Facebook page to broaden your communications and engage your audience where they already are – on social media.

The average user in the U.S. spends about 8 hours/month on Facebook. As Facebook continues to become THE place where people learn about news and find information about companies, it is reasonable to think that your audience may someday visit your Facebook page to learn more about your association – maybe even instead of your website.

You’re probably posting information about new members, events, educational opportunities and issues affecting your members. These are all current or new items.

But what about the rich history of your association?    You probably already have a “history” page on your website listing key points in your association’s history such as:

  • Initial founding
  • Partnerships and mergers with other groups
  • Launch of new programs and services
  • Important research programs
  • Key legislative wins that served your membership
  • Mentions of important businesses or business owners in your organization’s history

How can you add these important milestones to your Facebook page?  It’s easy!

Facebook recently converted all business pages to use the new Timeline format with a large image across the top and a smaller profile picture on the left.  Here’s what the WebLink International Facebook Timelineheader looks like:


The new Timeline layout also adds all your posts in a “timeline” manner down the page.

When you create new posts on your organization’s page, you’ll see the box below.  (Note: you must be an administrator of the page to post to the Timeline.)   Click on “Event, Milestone +” to add an item from your history.   Then click on Milestone from the subsequent menu.

You’ll then see a screen where you can add:


  • The name of the event or milestone
  • Location
  • Year (and Month, if desired)
  • The story or description of the milestone
  • A photo to be shown with the milestone on your timeline (i’d recommend adding a photo to every post if you can.  They are much more likely to be viewed if they have a photo.)


You can also choose to hide the story from your news feed if you’d rather not have your new milestone posts showing up on the feeds of people who follow your organization.

Click “Save” when you’re done.  It’s quick. It’s easy. It might even be fun!

In just a few minutes you can tell your organization’s story on your Facebook Timeline.  Make sure you include WHY the event was important to your members and your organization in addition to the “what.”  This will help demonstrate the value of your organization to members and prospective members.

Have a great time recreating history on your association’s Facebook Timeline!


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