Should You Re-Name Your Chamber of Commerce for Better Search Results?

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Recently, the Thousand Oaks-Westlake Village Regional Chamber of Commerce changed is name to the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce to create broader appeal for the region it serves.  Read a brief article about this change here. 

While the new name is certainly a bit easier to type and say, I was curious as to how those various place names could potentially drive traffic to the chamber’s website.

Using Google’s Keyword Tool, I looked for the monthly search volume for each of the areas covered by the chamber. Here are the results:

Area Name Monthly Search Volume
Conejo Valley 27,100
Agoura Hills 246,000
Westlake Village 368,000
Thousand Oaks 1,000,000

Conejo Valley is the least-used search term of the four and may result in referring less traffic than the other keywords.   So in theory, to take advantage of higher search volume, the chamber may have wanted to leave “Thousand Oaks” in their name.

I understand that the chamber needed to be more inclusive for the region it serves and their name gets used in far more places that just search engines. I’m not really suggesting that the chamber should have kept the name “Thousand Oaks.”

But, it does bring up a good point regarding keyword content for chambers of commerce.   I recently wrote another post about how chambers can leverage their members’ contact information and descriptions forincreased search engine optimization. 

When you’re creating new programs, securing additional domain names or just adding text to your website or blog, be aware of the keywords you’re using.  If you need (or hope) to reach a certain audience, be sure to include those keywords in your text.  Also, make sure you use your organization’s full name and city in articles.  (Instead of saying “the chamber,” be sure to use “Yourtown Chamber of Commerce.”)

If you’re lucky (or have planned accordingly), your organization’s name, your programs and/or your events will match more things that people are searching for.

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