WebLink Business Builder

WebLink Business BuilderWebLink Connect is the premier tool for managing member-based organizations. But software alone cannot guarantee success.

With the recent launch of WebLink Business Builder, we'll help you create a solid process, and show you how aligning your people with your technology can drive even greater success. If you want to generate more revenue, drive record new memberships, and improve retention in 2013 - then partner with the leading industry technology provider. WebLink Business Builder drives your organizational goals while ensuring your annual technology investment is met with the highest return possible.

We help you optimize the following WebLink capabilities:
  • Prospect Managment to ensure a pipeline of qualified leads;
  • Sales Opportunity Management to drive predictable and consistent sales results;
  • Project Management to automate high-value retention practices;
  • Contact Management to enhance the value of member communications;
  • Mass Communication to better communicate benefits to members.

To learn more about WebLink Business Builder, contact Joseph Loria, Vice President, Advisory Services at 877-231-4970 ext. 102 or joseph.loria@weblinkinternational.com.