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In our last Tech Connect blog post, we took a look at the changes we’ve made to how registrations and attendees are displayed in an event. With today’s post, I’d like to go over some exciting changes we’ve made to how you manage registrations in WebLink Connect™.

Improved Editing Workflow 

With the Events upgrade coming in just a couple of weeks, we’re making some major changes to how
you will manage your registrations once they’re in the system. Currently, since every ticket purchased
is displayed as a different sign up record, you have to modify each record individually. Because of
the changes to how registrations are stored that we covered in the last post, this will no longer be
the case going forward. Registrations and attendee records will always be edited from the same screen,
and that screen is identical to the one used when entering a new registration. This means there will be
one consistent view of a record when creating or editing registrations or attendees!

The new way of handling registrations and attendees also enables much greater flexibility when editing registrations. With the new changes, you’ll be able to make multiple changes in one edit. That means if a member needs to change out a ticket and an attendee, you can make all of those changes at once.

Automatic Invoice Updates

In addition to the updates to how you’ll edit registrations, the upgrade will also change how you maintain
the invoices related to registrations. Instead of manually updating invoices after you change registrations,
the new workflow for editing will include options for what revenue codes should be used for modifying
the invoice associated with the registration. With these options selected, the system will now adjust off the previous invoice and create a new invoice that reflects the new state of the registration.

Also, if the previous invoice was paid the system will help you handle the different payment amount by prompting for additional payment if the total cost goes up, or assist in refunding or creating an unapplied payment if the total cost goes down after the edits.

Bottom Line

With these upgrades to the Events edit process, maintaining your registrations will be more automated and easier than ever before!

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