[TECH CONNECT] 2017 Events Upgrade – A New Way to View Registrations & Attendees

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In our very first Tech Connect blog post, we covered some of the high level changes to the technology being used in our upcoming events module upgrade. With today’s post, we’d like to dive a bit deeper and give you a preview of some of the specific feature changes coming with the March release of WebLink Connect™.

Consolidated Event Registrations

If you’re familiar with the current events module in WebLink Connect, you’ll know that each different ticket a member registers for creates a separate registration record. While this creates great data clarity and makes the registration records simple to view in exports, it doesn’t provide a quick view of everything for which a single member has registered. That’s why we’re changing how registrations are structured in the new updates. Now, members will show as a single registration that has a list of all of the tickets and items they’ve purchased in one clear and concise view.

This new way of storing the data for a registration is more complex, and makes it very difficult to display
the registration in a single row in a grid. Because of this, in addition to changing how the data is structured,
we’ve also created a new way of viewing the registrations for an event. In the new upgrade, you’ll no longer
see a large data grid containing every piece of registration data. Instead, the new display highlights the most
important data on a registration, while still giving you access to the rest of the record. This new view uses a
concept called cards, which provides a great way to display different data records in a single output. If you use
Google Now or Facebook, you’ll be familiar with the card concept from their activity feeds.

One Attendee Record per Person

Similar to how we’re changing the way registrations are tracked in
WebLink Connect, we’re also updating how attendee records are added
and displayed. Just like how each ticket purchased by a member created
its own registration, each ticket also required its own attendee record.
Now, however, we’re changing the way attendees are tracked to only
create one attendee record per person. These new records will now map
to multiple tickets meaning you can see all of the different tickets and
items an attendee is associated with quickly and easily. We’ve also
updated the view of attendee records in the system to also focus on the
most important information while still giving you quick and easy access
to the full record for that attendee.

Bottom LIne

With the Events upgrade, you’ll be able to more easily see engagement and attendance on an individual member level, allowing you to grow that engagement!

NExt up

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