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Last time we talked Events upgrade, we went into more depth on how we’ve improved the workflow for editing registrations. With our final post before the upgrade starts, I’d like to go over some exciting changes we’ve made to how you manage custom fields and how we’ve incorporated responsive design into the upgrade.

New Custom Field Options

When we released our current events system in 2013, we added the ability to track custom fields on registrations and/or attendees. These custom fields can be set to a number of different field types – from a simple checkbox to a drop down list with multiple possible choices, and even an open-ended text box. In addition, you can set the fields to show for an individual event item, or for all of your event items. These fields can even have additional cost associated with the values selected by the registrant, enabling you to charge for certain options such as adding a cart rental to your golf foursome.

After the launch of the new version, we received a lot of feedback on the new custom field features, and subsequently made multiple enhancements to them over the years. I’m excited to announce two new enhancements to custom fields coming in the major
upgrades this month.

The first enhancement is that we’re changing how you assign custom fields to your event items. Instead of being
assigned to a single item or all items, we’ve now given you the option to check a box per item
for the custom field to be related to that item. This means that you’ll be able to pick some, but
not all of your items to relate the custom field to, giving you greater flexibility with your custom
field assignments.

In addition to the enhanced assignment options, we’re also adding options for selecting your
revenue item and payment type to be used when the custom field comes with an additional cost. Previously, the custom fields would simply inherit these values from their parent item, but going forward you’ll be able to set them to discrete values in case you want to track the revenue
separately or need the payment to process differently than the parent event item.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

But wait – there’s more! On top of all of the previously mentioned enhancements, we’ve also worked hard to improve the user experience of using our Events module when on a mobile device. With the new updates, you’ll be able to manage your event settings and registrations from a tablet or phone more easily than ever.

Bottom Line

With these changes, managing custom fields will be easier than ever, and you’ll be able to manage registrations on the go from your phone or tablet!


We put together a plethora of resources for you to familiarize yourself with the upgraded features and get answers to any questions you may have before receiving the upgrade:

For any questions not covered by these resources, we’ve created an Event Module Upgrade Question Forum in the Community. Simply post your question in the forum, and our team will respond as quickly as possible.

Next Up

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