Texting as Stealth Communications

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I saw a post on Twitter today about how someone thought that texting was a useless form of communications.  It made me think about a story that a chamber of commerce president told me recently.

The chamber was having their regular board meeting and one board member was offering his opinion on a certain position he thought the organization should take.

He was getting some initial pushback from other board members and retreating slightly in his position. While other board members were discussing it, the chamber’s president sent a text to the one board member with a message like, “We’ll support you.”

The president saw the board member glance down at his phone. The board member then took up the debate again, now with added confidence, and ultimately the chamber adopted his position.

Obviously, a call wouldn’t have worked in that situation.  And, it’s possible that the chamber president didn’t feel like he could tell the board member that across the room.

I know that chambers of commerce also use text messages for staff to communicate during large events.  And some chambers use texting to send updates to their members on events or urgent business issues.

Does your chamber or business association use texting?  If so, how?  Do you have a story like the one above? Please share it in the comments.  Thank you!

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