The Shift to Online Advertising; Are You Keeping Up?

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Within the past two years, we’ve seen well-established newspapers fold as readership numbers plummet. The culprit? The internet, of course. Asthis CNN articlepoints out, newspapers are “losing their relevance in the lives of a majority of Americans,particularly younger readers. 
And this trend isn’t isolated to just newspapers – it affects chambers of commerce and business associations. Today, the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce (aWebLink Internationalclient) announced they will cease publishing their magazine, NC Magazine. Inthis articleSherry Melton, vice president of communications for the Chamber, stated: “We’ve seen a 68 percent decrease [in advertising revenue] in 2009 from last year.” 
Although there are many reasons for the declines in print advertising revenue, the impact from online advertising is undeniable. (See Mike’s post “Your website should make you money… not cost you money” for more.) 
That’s why WebLink has createdan exclusive website advertising programthat helps associations and chamberscreate more opportunities for their membersAND asustainable source of non-dues revenue. 
There are many reasonswhy the WebLink Ad Program works, butwhat makes our program differentis what counts. One of those differences is that this program is integrated with our membership management software (WebLink Connect), allowing you to easily show the VALUE of online advertisements to your members. 
Still not convinced about the shift? Talk to the young professionals you know and ask them if they have ever heard of the area’s local tourism publication. Chances are they haven’t. And that’s because more and more people are disregarding the traditional, paper-based methods of research for the faster, more convenient internet.  (And no paper cuts is a bonus too!) 
No matter, the push for online advertising is strong, so make sure you are keeping up by making such offerings available for your membership. 


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