Think Your Association Might Benefit from a Learning Management System? Take the Quiz!

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Introducing TelSpan as a WebLink Guest Blogger! TelSpan will be joining us at the 2017 WebLink Summit and will be ready to answer all of your LMS questions! For those who are unable to attend Summit this year, we will also be hosting a webinar with TelSpan on Tuesday, April 18: 5 Tips to a Killer Content Strategy with Event Live Streaming.

Most associations share a goal to provide opportunities to help members grow, whether through accreditation, connecting them with thought leaders, or providing them with tools for professional growth. If your association could find a tool to help make reaching this goal more effective, what easier choice could you make than to go for it?

For associations providing services such as certification and career growth, a learning management system can be a reliable tool. An LMS provides a platform for associations to offer members opportunities like eLearning courses, which enable members to grow in their careers and help them engage more effectively with the association. Certain LMS providers make it easy for association staff members to learn the steps and maintain the courses, offering training and exceptional customer support above and beyond FAQ pages. The provider’s help can clear staff schedules, allowing your staff to work on other areas of benefit to members while the LMS meets member needs.

Aside from the good news for staff workloads, some LMS platforms allow associations to easily accept online payments, so the association can charge for webinars and courses that offer additional value to members.

We all know the more engaged members are, the more value they receive from the association. Improved value
leads to opportunities for additional non-dues revenue, easily set up through an LMS, which allows associations to re-purpose offline content to keep it working for members and beyond. For instance, an annual live conference presents multiple opportunities from opening keynote to breakout sessions to closing keynote. If you record those events and upload the content to your LMS, you can make it available to your members who weren’t able to attend, members who attended but want to revisit the content, and even secondary audiences around the world, expanding your reach and increasing your association’s bottom line.

Finally, an LMS keeps track of data surrounding the courses you upload, such as how many and when members access each asset. Your association can use this information to evaluate price points, future course topics, and more to serve members the content they need and want to help them grow.

So, can your association benefit from an LMS? Answer the questions below to find out.

  1. Is your association always looking for ways to increase non-dues revenue? Y/N
  2. Do you have a small or overwhelmed staff? Y/N
  3. Do members need regular continuing education credits? Y/N
  4. Have you ever wished you could handle course payment online? Y/N
  5. Does your organization host live events with keynote speakers and/or seminars? Y/N
  6. Is your current compliance training burdensome? Y/N

If any of these questions provoked a “yes,” your association can certainly benefit from an LMS. That said, a survey by the Brandon Hall Group found that organizations reported low satisfaction with their current systems; UpAbility aims to change that with its new LMS offering, which is user-friendly and customizable, allowing you to completely brand the platform as your own, including uploading your logo. Better still, since UpAbility is a product of TelSpan, you’ll enjoy the exceptional customer support you usually receive through the company’s audio, web, and onsite conferences. Learn more.

Call TelSpan at 800-800-1729 today to talk about UpAbility!

This post was originally published on the TelSpan blog.

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