Is a Tiered Dues Model Right for Your Chamber? Probably.

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It’s no secret that chambers are struggling to stay relevant in the age of the Internet. Many potential members feel they can use online tools instead to get the same quality leads and networking opportunities, all for the low price of…well, nothing, usually. But you and I both know that chambers have so much more to offer members than a few connections and happy hours.

If you’re going to increase new member sales, retention and revenue, you must be able to attract and keep members by offering them the different benefits and opportunities that they each value individually…but, how?

Many chambers are finding success in moving to a tiered dues model – in fact, it’s estimated that 50% of chambers are implementing such a program. Inviting members to have more control over their benefits ensures they will get the value they want out of their membership, which in turn will increase engagement, retention and overall satisfaction with YOU as their chamber.

Whether you’re trying to improve an existing tiered dues model or are starting one from scratch, WebLink is here to guide you through creating a system that will better serve your members. Let’s start off by finding out if tiered dues is right for your chamber:

  1. Do your member organizations have varied priorities when it comes to running their business?
  2. Is it obvious that different members enjoy different benefits more than others?
  3. Do members ever express that they have a hard time understanding the value of their membership?
  4. Do members ever complain about having to pay for benefits they don’t want?
  5. Is your current dues structure ever a blocker for potential new members?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then YES you are in the position to move to a tiered dues structure! With today’s ever-changing landscape, categorizing members and the benefits they receive based on something like company size isn’t going to cut it. It has become imperative for chambers to serve their members as personally as possible, tailoring benefits to their needs.

The beauty of all of this is, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Even though there’s a standard definition of how a tiered dues model works, you can customize your benefits and your membership levels based on what makes most sense for your chamber. Let us show you new ways to implement a tiered dues membership structure – and make it easier to manage than ever before!

To dive into the nitty-gritty of tiered dues, check out our eBook: Time is of the Essence! Make an Impact on Membership Growth This Year with Tiered Dues. This comprehensive eBook:

  • Looks deeper into the tiered dues model and what it means for chambers
  • Gives you tools to assign dollar amounts to all (yes, all) of your benefits
  • Guides you through creating tiers that make sense for you
  • Includes insight on what to look for in your membership management database to efficiently manage this model
  • Demonstrates how to communicate the new structure to your members.

Do you have any experience using a tiered dues model? Give us a shout! Send us an email at and let us know what works, what doesn’t and what you’d like to improve on. We’ll update this post with your suggestions for others to learn from!

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