To Serve is to Lead

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Association Management Executives are often tasked with doing more with fewer resources than ever.  Recently we acquired a new customer and she noted the following about WebLink Connect™, the most configurable and customizable Association Management Software available today.

“…we will gain SO much more in functionality, which will ultimately lead to increased staff productivity, an easier to navigate member interface (happier existing members, easier to recruit new members), and a system that will simply serve us better going forward.”

What struck me were the words… simply serve us better.  At the end of the day isn’t this want we all want… to be served?

Just imagine yourself on the beach with a couple of folks fanning you with palm tree leaves…You listen to the slurping sound as you drain the last refreshing drop of your Mai Tai, and before you know it, it’s quickly filled back up. Ahhhh! But I digress.

We live in a “I want it now culture.” Sometimes, as leaders, we get in our own way of thinking about whatwe want instead of focusing on the needs of our staff members.  At WebLink, we strive for excellence each day and our proud to offer an association management software that our customers say will simply serve them better.

If you’re staff is feeling underserved, it’s likely your members are feeling the same way. Perhaps it’s time to consider a new AMS, or maybe you just need to think about a shift in your leadership style. To serve is to lead.  So, who are you serving? It’s a simple but powerful paradigm shift. It’s also one reason we believe WebLink Connect™ is leading the market in member management software.

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