Top 10 Reasons to Attend WebLink Connect™ Regional Training in Austin

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Our Austin Regional Training event is less than a month away (September 26-28)! We’re so excited, we put together our top ten reasons for attending – and they’re in no particular order, because they’re all so dan08g good!

Read on if you need a little convincing – but don’t wait too long to register, our classroom style sessions ARE limited! We’ve also arranged for discounted room rates at our host hotel, the Courtyard by Marriot Austin Downtown. Book by Monday, September 11 to get that rate!

1. Become a WebLink Connect™ super user. 









We mean it – we’ll teach you so many tools, tips and tricks to use in the software, you’ll have no choice but to use your database faster, smarter and with more confidence.

2. Find your BWFF (Best WebLink Friend Forever).






Or, that fellow WLC user that just gets you. Find out how others inside and outside of your industry are using the system to grow their memberships, and stay connected even after Regional Training to bounce ideas off each other!

3. Go home a hero.







After three days of in-depth training you’re bound to return to the office with that one game-changing idea that will revolutionize the way you manage your association – and impress the boss at the same time.

4. You know our names, you know our voices – get to know us!









Not only can our team of WebLink experts run through a database in their sleep, and not only do we have years and years of experience on the association side…but we’re also a pretty flippin’ cool group of people. You exist to connect, so let’s do just that!

5. Break out of that comfort zone.








Speaking of our sparkling personalities – how do you feel about networking? Not big on it? Don’t worry, we’re friendly and will help you meet your association colleagues!

6. Take advantage of an opportunity for a change of scenery.









Breaking out of the office and sitting in a new space can spark inspiration. Combine that with our education-filled sessions and BAM! – new approaches for growing your association will come to life.

7. Rival our product knowledge.










Develop your expertise of the software to the point where your understanding of it will be on par with ours! Imagine a world where you never have to spend precious time contacting support with quick, routine questions ever again…sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

8. Reignite your passion.







Sometimes we get so stuck in our day-to-day we lose sight of why we do what we do, causing us to slow down and – let’s be honest – get a little lazy. WebLink Connect™ Regional Training is an opportunity to be around like-minded people with new ideas and perspectives. Re-energize yourself, and bring that energy back to your co-workers!

9. Your challenges – accepted.









This is your chance to ask any and all of your burning questions, live and in person with a WebLink expert. Come with a list – we’ll be ready for you!

10. Austin is weird!












Have you ever been? Take advantage of the opportunity to explore a new city if you haven’t, or new places if you have. Bonus – the bats will fly in the evening after training! Director of Customer Success Jacque Shaffer is pretty pumped about it.

Alright, you ready now? Do not wait – get your registration on!

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