Top Questions About Mobile Strategies for Associations

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Earlier this week, WebLink hosted a webinar for business associations and chambers of commerce titled,“How to Succeed in a Mobile World – Use the Growth of Mobile to Better Serve Your Members.”

WebLink’s Senior Website Designer Benji Craig showed attendees how the explosion in the use of mobile devices is driving business associations to rethink how they deliver information to their members, prospects and the communities they serve.

During registration for the webinar, we asked some questions to see how mobile-ready associations are today.  The results (charts below) truly demonstrated the need among member-based organizations to understand how their members are accessing information and what mobile strategies they should employ.

Question 1:  Has your organization adopted a mobile strategy?


Question 2:  How ready is your website for mobile?


The webinar also detailed key points that business associations should consider when developing a mobile strategy.  These included reviewing data and surveying members to determine the best solutions for your association.

Here are some of the top questions from the webinar.

  1. How do I know if people are visiting my website on a mobile device?  Earlier this year, WebLink hosted a webinar on how associations can use Google Analytics to measure information they probably are not reviewing – but should be.  One of those items was the percentage of your website traffic that is coming from mobile devices.  You can download a copy of that presentation and watch a recording to the webinar here.
  2. My website displays OK on a mobile phone. Why do I need something different?   Many times, your existing website will display properly on mobile devices.  However, it is usually shrunk to fit the dimensions of the smaller screen.  To navigate through your site, a user needs to pinch/zoom and scroll around so they can find information they are looking for. With a mobile optimized site or Responsive Website Design (RWD), the site visitor sees text, images and navigation all sized properly for the device.  This creates a much greater experience and helps them read, share and act on your information much more easily.
  3. What is bounce rate?How could this change with a mobile optimized or responsive website?  Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that only view one page before exiting a site.  So if the bounce rate for a page is 80% it means that 80% of the people that land on that page as an entry to the site will leave before visiting any other page. A mobile optimized site can improve your bounce rate if your members are accessing information from their mobile phones.  They may be more likely to consume and act on your content (like register for an event) if they can easily read the content on their phones. Read Benji Craig’s recent post on bounce rate.
  4. Why would I want a responsive website design instead of dedicated apps for different mobile devices?   Some assocations may indeed want or need dedicated apps on different platforms, depending on how your members want to interact with your information.  However, when developing your mobile strategy, you should also factor in the costs and time required to keep multiple interfaces (sets of programming code) updated with the latest information. Does your audience truly need an app, or do they simply need easily access to your information when mobile?  One advantage of Responsive Website Design (RWD) is that a single set of website code delivers a high quality and consistent user experience on any device.  When you make changes to your website, all users will get the latest information without needing to download a new version of an app.
  5. What are some other resources for learning about mobile strategies?   First, make sure you attend our next webinar on mobile options for associations.  :-)  Until then, below is a copy of our presentation which contains some additional resources near the end.
  6. Can I get a recording of this webinar?     You can view a recording of the webinar here.

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar.  Look for more webinars coming soon on member management, association websites, social media for associations and more.   If you have questions about how your association can benefit from creating a mobile strategy, please contact us.

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