Top Questions About Selling Memberships & Sponsorships for Associations

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WebLink recently hosted a webinar for business associations and chambers of commerce titled,“10 Mistakes Associations Make When Selling Memberships and Sponsorships.”

WebLink’s Senior Membership Management ExecutiveTao Stadler has worked with chambers and associations for more than 15 years.  During the webinar, he shared with attendees some of the common mistakes he’s seen associations make that hinder the organization’s ability to grow and strenghen their business.

Many times membership sales staff at associations don’t have formal sales training or they “wear other hats” for the organization as well.  These situations frequently lead to less than idea results due to some very natural mistakes. By avoiding some of these mistakes when selling memberships and sponsorship, associations can have a dramatic impact on new and recurring revenue.

Here are some of the top question from the webinar.

1.  How would you suggest we name our sponsorship levels for events?    Before you name a sponsorhip level, you need to create benefits that your members will want.  Do they want access to attendees, added visibility, a connection to the issues being presented, community involvement or something else?  Knowing how potential sponsors will measure their ROI from your event will help you name your levels.  For example: The Visibility Package may promote their name and logo while the Connection Package may give their execs the chance to meet 1 on 1 with every attendee.

2. How can I make sure a prospective member understands all the benefits we offer?    Consider this: that prospective member may not need all that information.  By listening to their needs and goals for their business, you may focus on just a few benefits your association offers.  Sure, you do much more than that – and that member can discover those benefits over time.  Presenting too much information can be overwhelming and make a prospect feel like the association doesn’t understand their business.

3. How can we get more leads for prospective members?   Remember that no sales person works alone.  The entire association should be engaged in prospecting.  Staff members can be one of the greatest resources simply by using their social networks effectively.  Make sure each staff person is connected to friends, co-workers, and business acquaintences on LinkedIn. Ask for introductions to prospective members to extend your own network.  Also, create valuable content on your website or blog by telling great stories about your members and your benefits so your staff and members will share that content with their networks.  The more people who see your content, the more chances you’ll gain high quality leads for new members.  Need ideas for website content?  Check out these 25 blog topic ideas for associations.

4. Will you make the presentation available?  Yes, we emailed a link to all webinar attendees and we’ve embedded a copy of the presentation below.

5.  Can I get a recording of the webinar?   You can view a recording of the webinar here.

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar.  Look for more webinars coming soon on member management, association websites, social media for associations and more.

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