Use Marketing Synergy in Association Member Management

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With all the buzz in associations about social media and digital communications, now is a great time to swim upstream a bit.  Seriously, when is the last time you received a great print marketing piece?  One that not only stays on your desk, but as a membership or marketing professional, you show off to other association professionals.

In a world of 140 character messages that are likely viewed while you are in line at the grocery store or waiting for an elavator don’t you occassionally want to receive something in the mail that let’s you know you are worth a few bucks to a fellow marketer?  Of course you do.  As you utilize your association  software or association database to segment lists of current members or potential members you are trying to find commonalities that drive results and tie into ideal member profiles.  Organization size, number of staff, budget, appreciation for the benefits your association provides based upon past history.


If you are reading this, you are likely here on this blog post because you received an interactive mail piece from WebLink.  We help associations integrate their association website, membership software, online membership directory, and member events, all together seamlessly, but that is what we do.

What you want to do is attract and retain new members to drive membership growth and increase non-dues revenue.  Ideally you want to develop an ongoing relationship with members that integrates your association website and all your online and off-line interactions and all of it powered by an association database.

Our goal was to get you to our landing page to learn more about us so when you are evaluating association software partners you will think of us. We were also hoping you would go to our blog and regularly check back in as we share success stories about using membership management software to be successful.  Whether it is a WebLink program or an association using association software and  innovative ideas to drive people down the marketing funnel of awareness, interest, action, decision, and loyalty, we will be sharing those ideas regularly for association professionals in this area of our blog.

So what is the lesson?  You’ve got an association website, you use social media, you print products already, you have an association database. You’ve got the tools, but what it’s what you do with them that matters.  Synergy means you use all of the tools available and if a high impact print piece drives a member to an association website, which leads them to your association blog that they subscribe to via RSS feed, then you have a chance for a conversation and a deeper relationship.

Stay on top of association technology, but remember that you are trying to forge a relationship.  Segmented, targeted, valuable, interactions with members matter and occassionally, spend a few extra bucks on a high impact marketing piece or gift that reminds members that your association is different and “gets it.”

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