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If you’re wondering how you can increase the number of replies, shares and retweets your association or chamber of commerce gets, try this: Reply to, share and retweet your members’ posts!

Each day, I take some time to read blog posts and articles from from business associations, chambers of commerce, marketing organizations and social media experts.  I’m amazed at the time, energy and passion that writers put into their posts.  And, their insights and ideas help make me a better communicator.

But, I don’t tell them often enough.

And, of course, we try to compile and create useful content on social media, technology and marketing for member-based organizations for our own company blog.   But – as with most blogs – there are very few comments.

Adding comments to blogs shows the author that you read the post, absorbed the info and had a reaction to it.  And….it starts a conversation.  As social organizations, chambers of commerce and business associations usually welcome new conversations with businesses and members in their community.

Just as with face to face interactions, a thank you can go a long way.   By simply posting “Thank you for sharing this” on a connection’s updates, you’ve added to your relationship.  Similarly, sharing a member’s LinkedIn update or adding your comment shows them that you are paying attention.   Replying to their Facebook page says, “I’m a fan.”

Commenting on blogs and social network posts can also be a great way of networking with the businesses in your area.   You may notice that after you comment on someone’s blog, they may start following you on Twitter and they may comment on your blog, too.  You might even connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.  You can take that opportunity to build a great relationship with them.  And that’s what social media is about – sharing and building relationships!   And, as you know, the stronger those relationships are, the better chances you have for improving member retention and creating new member sales.

So, starting today, make it a practice to:

  • Add at least one comment to a blog post each time you catch up on your reading
  • Reply to a connection’s post on LinkedIn
  • Share a member’s Facebook update
  • Retweet or reply to a member’s Twitter post

Once a day would be great!  Yes, it does take a little time.  But, remember how you feel when someone takes the time to thank you, compliment you for something you did or give you constructive feedback?  Pretty darn good, right?   Most bloggers WANT feedback on their posts – positive, negative, constructive…anything that lets them know that you’ve read their post.  And, most people post updates to social networking site hoping someone will reply as well.

What would you write? If nothing else, just let the author know that you appreciate them taking the time to compose their thoughts and share them with you.   But, it would be even better if you added a thoughtful comment, highlighting a certain point that you agreed (or disagreed) with and add your own thoughts to the issue.

I know I would appreciate feedback as would just about every other blogger that I know.  So go out and add comments.  Share.  Reply.  Be social!

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