Webinar for Associations: 6 Ways to Produce Content that Members Value

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Content marketing is a hot topic for associations looking to provide more value and stay relevant for their members.  But to be honest, between being relevant and being valuable, I’ll take being valuable all day long.

In fact, I believe that associations who focus on creating great content for their members will be the ones who continue to grow over the next few years. Those associations who don’t find a way to deliver more value to their members will be looking at dropping retention rates and declining revenue.

So, we’ve established that content is important.  But how can associations be sure they are creating the right kinds of content?   Will their members even read it, let alone find it valuable or share it with others?

WebLink will host a webinar on Thursday, November 21 titled, “6 Ways to Produce Content that Members Value” to demonstrate how associations and chambers of commerce can impact their members – and their business – by creating great online content.

This webinar will include some of the best tips, tools and tactics for creating content that your members will value and help you grow your organization.  And, we’ll include 25 sample topics for blog posts you can use immediately to start generating great content.

Learn how to be the resource your members need and become a critical partner in their success.

Webinar: 6 Ways to Produce Content that Members Value

Date:  Thursday, November 21, 2013

Time:  1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

Register for the webinar now.

We hope you’ll join us for this webinar and learn how your organization can provide more value to your members, improve retention and generate new member sales.


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