Why Someone in Your Association Should Blog

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We both know that one can hardly wander the internet anymore without tripping over several blogs in the process. Heck, here you are looking at WebLink’s (Yay! Thank you!). The great thing about blogs are the wide range of sizes and topics – if your goal is to simply write about something you have a passion for, you’re good to go! Promote at your own pace and keep those creative juices flowing. You never know what kind of audience you’ll build.

However, from a professional standpoint, done correctly your blog could have a great impact on your organization. Read on for tips about running a blog, and the benefits your association can look forward to by posting regularly!

Getting Started

First thing’s first – decide on your general theme. Consider your goals as an organization and how these posts can work toward that end. As an example, if you’re focused on communicating more with members, topics could range from ideas on getting the most out of their membership, reasons to attend certain events, what’s going on in your community, and updates about your organization. The broader your theme, the more flexibility you have to write about varying topics – but try to keep from veering too far off track and losing the interest of your readers.

Once you have your theme, it is time to find your voice. Another perk of blogging is that due to the relaxed nature of the practice, you’re encouraged to write as yourself. Whereas news articles will call for a typical format and writing standards, blogging allows you to be a little more personal and casual…if that’s the tone you’re going for. Ask yourself: how do I want my blog audience to feel as they read?

You Said Something About Benefits?

Draw in prospective members. By blogging, you establish your organization as an industry expert.

Flex those writing skills. And improve them, too.

Instant gratification. Post in the morning, read your readers’ comments by night.

Learn about your members. Listening to your readers as they engage with your posts will give valuable insight –  and pay attention to other bloggers, too.

Make friends. About those other bloggers? Maybe you’ll stumble upon a partner or two.

Give your website a hand. Google wants to drive traffic to the spots that will be most helpful, after all.

Stay sharp. Searching for content every week helps you keep on the up-and-up when it comes to industry trends.

Additional Tips

Hey there – thanks for sticking with me this long. Here’s some bonus tips for your time…AND a surprise 2017 WebLink Summit promo! Use code SECRET thru the end of March when you register for the 2017 WebLink Summit for $300 off! Now back to blogging…

  • Decide on how often you’ll post, and commit to that. Shoot for at LEAST once per week. Find that sweet spot between posting enough to keep your audience engaged, but not posting so much that you get annoying.
  • Aim for 500 to 700 words per post. Use graphics, bullets (oh hey), section headings, etc. to keep it visually appealing and easy to read. Pro tip: make sure your photos are high-quality so they don’t bog down your website speed.
  • Give credit where credit is due! It’s perfectly fine to get ideas from somewhere else, but make sure you mention the author that inspired you so.
  • Include a spot where readers can comment, or give them a way to reach you. Some of the best topic inspiration will come from your readers!
  • Use the blog posts for cross promotion. If you mention an upcoming event, link to the page where they can learn more and register. Are you active on social media? Format your posts to always include links to your pages, as well as social sharing buttons so your readers can share your content.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread.

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